Why OE.X + CBD is unique.

What we want to do is tell you what makes OE.X + CBD a unique product that will be a valuable weapon in your energy and health arsenal.

There are other pouch products - and hundreds of other products - that contain CBD. What makes OE.X + CBD a unique pouch product is that combines the wellness benefits of CBD with 40mg of caffeine which is less than OE.X Energy but still more caffeine than any other leading pouch. So in a single pouch product, you can get the health benefits of CBD and an energy boost.

What is CBD?

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is an extract from the hemp plant. It has no hallucinogenic properties and will not get you high.

We are not medical experts and are forbidden by the FDA from making any health claims about CBD.

But what we can do it tell you is that studies done by many U.S. and international universities and private companies have concluded that there are benefits to CBD. Anecdotally, there are millions of people who believe that they see improvement with physical pain and emotional anxiety as a result of taking CBD. There are also many people who use CBD to help them fall, or stay, asleep.

OE.X + CBD is not an appropriate product for someone using CBD as a sleep aid. Not only is OE.X + CBD in a pouch form and we do not recommend falling asleep with a pouch in your mouth because it poses a choking hazard, but by combining caffeine and CBD is a one-stop solution for people who have found that CBD helps them with physical pain or anxiety but who want to be alert and focused. Less pain or anxiety, if that is what you have personally concluded that CBD can do for you, does not have to come with less energy.

Please consult your physician for more information.  Pocket Tea, LLC does not make any health claims via CBD.